How to Be More Original
by Lauren, Swooned Magazine

In an industry where creativity and commerce intersect, the line between inspiration and imitation becomes razor thin and is often crossed, even unintentionally. Here are some quick tips for steering clear of copycat territory and standing out in a sea of sameness.

Posted: 09.23.2016
Put your meetings on your HoneyBook calendar!
by Asha Bhatia, HoneyBook

Have you visited your HoneyBook Calendar recently? If so, you might’ve noticed that we’ve added the ability to add Calendar Meetings!

Posted: 09.22.2016
How to Find Your Blogging Voice
by Southbound Bride

Whether you’re a full-scale wedding blogger, a vendor who shares current work as part of your website, or someone who only communicates though social media, you’ve probably come across the concept of ‘voice’ and how important it is in building your brand and following.

Posted: 09.21.2016
Talking To Clients About Submitting their Wedding to a Niche Blog
by Shafonne Myers, Pretty Pear Bride

If you read the title and have no idea what a niche blog is or how important they are to you, then you can stop right here… and go over my post here on HoneyBook on submitting to niche blogs! Now if you know all about the advantages of submitting to niche blogs then read on, my friend, read on!

Posted: 09.20.2016
Introducing HoneyBook’s First Foray into Mobile: INQUIRIES
by HoneyBook

Our product team has been hard at work and we’re excited to roll out Inquiries, the mobile companion app to be used in conjunction with your HoneyBook platform!

Posted: 09.19.2016
SEO Tips: 9 Link Building Strategies for Wedding Pros
by Christie Osborne, Mountainside Bride

Link building is still one of the strongest signals that Google uses to determine rank. When someone links to your website, Google sees that as a virtual vote in your favor.

Posted: 09.16.2016
5 Ways to Maintain a Good Relationship with Publishers
by Brittny Drye, Love Inc.

A well-established relationship with a publisher who fits your brand can work wonders for your business. It can get you referrals to potential clients and wedding pros, as well as get your work published. So pick your favorite blog and follow these steps to build a budding relationship

Posted: 09.15.2016
Not credited in a feature? Here’s what to do!
by Lauren Grove, Founder & Editor at Every Last Detail

As editors, one of the most common emails we receive on a regular basis is from wedding pros who aren’t credited in a feature on our publications. As a former wedding pro, I myself have experienced this, but it wasn’t until I was behind-the-scenes of a publication that I understood why this could possibly happen.

Posted: 09.14.2016
5 Great Reasons to Collaborate
by Amy Elsworth

I have been blogging now for almost 5 years. And for the first 3 of those I really was a solopreneur – tied to my laptop, focused solely on my blog’s content, readers, and sponsors. To such a degree in fact that it limited my business! Not that I realized that at the time.

Posted: 09.12.2016
Clever ways to increase engagement on Instagram
by Jessica Bishop, The Budget Savvy Bride

When it comes to engaging with your clients, you have to be on the social platforms they are actively using. These days, Instagram still seems like the major place to be, even after all their many algorithm changes.

Posted: 09.09.2016

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